Top tips on selecting the right MRF

Top tips on selecting the right MRF

With increasing government pressure for local councils to reintroduce weekly waste collections, the need for fast and effective sorting is now more important than ever.

Tong Engineering is a specialist recycling solutions manufacturer, providing a complete range of standard and custom built MRF equipment, designed with efficiency, productivity and exact customer requirements in mind.

Here, Gavin Barnes, recycling projects manager at Tong Engineering, highlights his top three tips to select the perfect MRF for you:

1. Identify your key output product

Think about your waste stream and key products you want to recover. Whether it’s paper, plastics, metal, card or glass, consider what has value to you now and what you may wish to recover in the future.

2. Think about the design of your MRF 

Manual systems offer the simplest way of waste recovery, however output quality relies heavily on the quality of workers. An automatic system allows for longer-term efficiencies. Consider a system that can be adapted in the future to recover additional recyclables.

3. Identify space restrictions & operating logistics

More often than not, a MRF is built in an existing building or site, meaning it is designed to fit within set parameters. Think back to what product you are sorting and how your waste stream will run.

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