Bespoke Infeed for BPI Polymers

Bespoke Infeed for BPI Polymers

With increasing government pressure to improve green business processes and provide environmental solutions to customers worldwide, leading plastics manufacturer BPI Polymers made the decision to invest in a complete recycling connection line from Tong Engineering.

Based in Rhymney, South Wales, the international packaging provider supplies over 270,000 tonnes of polythene annually to a number of processing industries globally.

“From the manufacture and distribution of plastic wrapping and feed bags for the agricultural industry, to the provision of innovative packaging solutions for food products, BPI Polymers provides the perfect answer for any application”, commented Ken Oswin, Operations Director at BPI Polymers.

“However, with an increasing number of customers specifying eco products, environmental solutions and demanding the effective recycling of polythene packaging, BPI developed a complete recycling plant to turn used plastic into environmentally friendly recycled bags and sacks.

“As part of our new recycling plant, we purchased a complete conveying facility from Tong Engineering, to connect the customised recycling machinery. The bespoke conveying system features a swan-neck infeed hopper, multiple chain conveyors and a specialist auger. The connecting line allows us to fully integrate our recycling line, allowing us to separate, handle and recycle, all in one simple process.

‘As we process around 20,000 tonnes of polythene waste per annum, we needed an effective solution that not only connected our recycling units, but would also be reliable and hard-wearing enough to handle high volumes of throughput.

“The Tong Engineering conveying equipment is highly dependable, manufactured to an excellent standard and requires little maintenance. All units are specified to exact requirements and fully customised to fit space and height restrictions.

“The Tong Engineering team has been excellent throughout the whole purchasing process. From initial specification and design, to bespoke manufacturing, installation and after-sales service, we have been delighted with every step,” added Mr Oswin.

Gavin Barnes, Recycling Projects Manager at Tong Engineering, said: “We worked in close partnership with BPI Polymers to create a completely customised connecting line.

“Customers often come to us with specific requirements and we work alongside them to provide a bespoke solution.

“With over 80 years in engineering experience, including conveyor design and manufacture, we helped to create the most reliable, effective and efficient handling solution, specifically for BPI Polymers, to join its recycling units together into one simple integrated process. This has provided significant cost reductions and minimised labour requirements, as well as allowing a significantly higher recycling throughput.”

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