Plastics MRF for Van Werven

Plastics MRF for Van Werven

With increasing international pressure to improve green business procedures, waste collection and processing specialist Van Werven looked towards Tong Engineering to create a bespoke sorting line for its Lincolnshire plant.

With headquarters in Oldebroek in The Netherlands and branches across Europe and the UK, the international recycling provider helps local governments, SMEs, contractors and private companies meet disposal regulations and effectively recycle high-bulk waste.

“From collection and processing, to the recycling and re-use of materials, Van Werven provides the complete waste management solution – offering an environmentally friendly alternative to landfill,” commented Jeroen Labots from Van Werven.

“However, with more organisations looking towards green alternatives and our UK branch processing ever-increasing volumes, we needed a high quality sorting line, capable of handling a variety of waste products in a short space of time.

“As part of our new recycling system, we specified a custom picking and sorting line from Tong Engineering, which would effectively handle a number of waste plastic products – including garden furniture, wheelie bins and commercial polypropylene.

“The bespoke line consists of a large capacity infeed hopper and heavy duty elevator feeding a fully enclosed picking cabin with internal inspection conveyors, complete with waste chutes to a recovery area beneath, partitioned by heavy duty bay walls.

“We introduced the new line at the end of 2012 and have seen excellent results. The equipment is dependable, manufactured to an excellent standard and requires little maintenance. This line is specified to exact requirements and fully customised to meet our requirements,” added Jeroen.

Gavin Barnes, Recycling Projects Manager at Tong Engineering, said: “With such importance placed on meeting green regulations and prioritising recycling ahead of landfill dumping, more and more companies are coming to us with specialist requirements.

“We pride ourselves in developing completely bespoke solutions to meet exact needs, and as such, work in partnership with each of our customers to ensure this.

“The specialist solution developed for Van Werven has been designed specifically with high throughput and multiple material sorting in mind, and has ensured minimal labour requirements, as well as providing a high recycling throughput,” added Gavin.

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