Product Focus: Bag Opener

Product Focus: Bag Opener

Tong Engineering Recycling Projects Manager, Gavin Barnes, has just overseen the installation of the latest addition to our 2013 range of recycling equipment, the Tong Engineering Bag Opener, at Wyllie Waste Recycling Services in Perth, Scotland. Here, Gavin gives some straight-talking details on how the bag opener with it’s manual bag splitter can be incorporated into waste handling lines to save time and money.

What is your product?

Tong Engineering’s Bag Opener is a new addition to its 2013 range of custom recycling equipment, which has been specifically designed with minimal labour requirements, cost savings and energy efficiency in mind.

How does it work?

The Bag-Opener is a simple yet effective system, allowing for the removal of lightweight, dry mixed recyclables from refuse sacks. Bags are fed into the machine and fall onto a rotating drum, which forces a series of spring loaded metal teeth to rip them open, allowing for the fast and clean removal of waste contents.

Where would it be ideally used?

The new system is ideal for processing a high volume of dry mixed recyclables using its manual bag splitter. As such, it is perfect for waste management operations looking to maximise throughput. Ideally used in mixed refuse MRFs, the unit can be specified as a stand-alone system, or fully integrated into a complete recycling line.

What benefits does the bag opener offer?

This new addition to Tong Engineering’s 2013 range has been designed as a smaller and more cost-effective option for reducing labour requirements and ensuring efficient waste processing.

Tong Engineering offers a custom MRF equipment design and manufacturing service, allowing complete flexibility to meet the specific needs of each client.

The Bag-Opener can be adjusted in a number of ways to suit the job at hand and can even be retrofitted as part of an existing recycling system. It has also been designed with ease of maintenance in mind, using a wide range of easily replaceable parts.

Where has it been used?

Wyllie Waste Recycling Services recently invested in a 2013 Tong Engineering Bag-Opener as an addition to its complete waste handling line. As well as increasing efficiencies, the Opener has allowed Wyllie to reduce labour costs, replacing a time-consuming manual process.

How much does it cost?

Designed as a compact and cost-effective option, the Tong Engineering Bag-Opener is available for under £40,000 and can be customised to meet individual requirements.

What savings does the bag opener offer?

The Bag-Opener’s one-step splitting process and simple operating system can significantly increase throughput potential and maximise waste handling efficiency.

What about maintenance?

An easily replaceable catalogue of parts minimises maintenance costs and system downtime. Tong Engineering also offers a comprehensive aftercare service to ensure the smooth running of all MRF equipment.

What is its life span?

Life span is dependent on a range of factors, including usage levels and adherence to maintenance schedules. The use of a variety of replaceable parts within the Bag-Opener results in a prolonged life span and a well maintained machine would be expected to last many years.

How is it future-proofed?

Tong Engineering’s 2013 range is fully adaptable and each piece of equipment can be tailored to the individual needs of waste management operations depending on space and changing requirements. The bag-opener can be retrofitted, providing even more flexibility looking towards future industry changes.

How many have been sold and where?

The Tong Engineering Bag-Opener is brand new for 2013, with the first unit installed at Wyllie Waste Recycling Services in Perth, Scotland.

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