Tong Engineering ‘handles’ skip waste

Tong Engineering ‘handles’ skip waste

Following increasing landfill costs and new disposal tax regulations, family run skip hire company, Sid Dennis and Sons, made the decision to invest in a full static waste handling line from Tong Engineering.

Based in Skegness, rural Lincolnshire, the specialist waste disposal experts collect and recycle up to 250 tonnes of waste material daily, providing a professional service to organisations nationwide.

“From the supply and collection of heavy duty self tip skips, to the authorised scrapping and disposal of waste materials, we provide a full waste handling service to both organisations and individuals.

“However, due to the rising costs of landfill disposal, we needed a way to carry out recycling sorting – bulk waste material separation, into saleable components, in a simple, effective and cost-efficient process.

“We purchased a complete sorting line from Tong Engineering, following positive recommendations and a good reputation locally. Our bespoke system features a customised infeed hopper, barrel recycling trommel, air knife and picking station, allowing us to screen skip waste, separating bulk materials into separate products, such as glass, plastic, hardcore, fines and metals.

“By effectively separating skip bulk, we can reduce landfill waste by 100%. As we process over 20 tonnes hourly, this avoids charges of over £10,000 daily in landfill tax fees. These separated products are sold for recycling and reuse purposes, making the whole waste handling process incredibly cost-effective.

“The Tong Engineering team has been excellent throughout the whole purchasing process. The product is high quality and the after sales service has been outstanding,” added Mr. Dennis.

Gavin Barnes, recycling projects manager at Tong Engineering, said: “We were able to provide Mr. Dennis with a complete solution to his waste handling and separating needs; from the initial brief to creating a customised line, managing the installation and providing after sales care.

“Following the introduction of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) landfill tax regime, we have seen demand for specific solutions to minimise landfill bulk increase dramatically.

“Customers often come to us with individual requirements and we work closely with them to ensure we create the most effective and efficient solution.

“We’ve ensured that Sid Dennis and Sons is now able to effectively handle and separate a wide range of waste material, increasing profitability and avoiding costly landfill tax charges.”

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