New Recycling Screening Range Gets The Gold Star

New Recycling Screening Range Gets The Gold Star

The UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of specialist star recycling screening equipment has announced a trio of new product developments.

The VariStar, Bio-Screen and Galaxy are set to join Pearson Star Screens market-leading range. Providing an excellent recycling screening solution for waste professionals across the country.

Built with the user in mind, the brand new models incorporate the latest technologies. With a range of features not seen in previous designs. Each system has been independently developed for a different waste processing application.


The VariStar will replace the current Astro and Comet models. Taking experience from over ten year’s manufacturing, while incorporating new functionality. To help increase throughput capabilities and recycling screening efficiency.

Operating a brand new design, the VariStar allows users to effectively screen a range of mixed-use recyclables. Using a series of rotating star wheels to separate mixed waste products. As the stars turn, smaller items pass through the screen. Larger objects are carried along the top of the recycling screening unit.

Unlike its predecessors, the adjustable system uses electric rams to control shaft mechanisms. Providing the opportunity to simply change star distance to effectively screen a variety of waste product sizes. Available in widths ranging from 1 – 2m, the VariStar can be specified as a stand-alone unit. Alternatively, it can be customised and integrated into complete waste processing lines.


For situations where adjustable recycling screening is not required (such as a single waste type processing facility), Pearson’s Bio-Screen is the ideal screening solution.

Using the same technology and star innovation as the VariStar. The Bio-Screen uses a fixed-shaft screen design that is suitable for a range of mixed recycleables. Screening materials to a predetermined size.

From C&D waste, crushed aggregates and road sweepings to SRF materials and green waste. The Bio-Screen can handle multiple waste types. Providing a high throughput and an effective, versatile process for generating revenue from waste.


For smaller plants looking for a lower-cost option, Pearsons has created the Galaxy. A condensed fixed shaft unit designed especially for small-scale waste handling plants with lower throughputs.

Robust, reliable and effective, the Galaxy reduces the latest star screening technology into a more compact size. But still ensures a highly accurate handling process.

“Our new range of star screen equipment is a huge progression in the specialist waste fines screening industry,” commented Chris Pearson, Managing Director of Pearson Star Screens.

“With demand for effective systems to generate revenue from recycling increasing every month, we knew that modifying our equipment and launching a new recycling screening range was the next step for us.

“This trio of product launches will see us further expand our equipment range. It provides customers with an even more accurate and efficient process to screen waste.

“To ensure we can continue to meet customer demand and manufacture our equipment to an excellent standard. Our entire range is now expertly manufactured by Tong Engineering.

“Our Star Screens use a highly sophisticated design, so we needed the skill of a manufacturer that had significant experience in the recycling screening sector. Working with Tong Engineering allows us to continue meeting customer requirements on time and in budget.”

Tong Engineering is manufacturing contractor to Pearson Star Screens. For more details please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements on 01790 752771.

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