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Star Screens INSTALLATION a hit with Willey Recycling

Based at Spilsby in Lincolnshire, Pearson Star Screens Ltd has a reputation of excellence in the design and supply of specialist grading equipment, for waste processing applications such as grading wood chippings, biomass fuels and compost.

In the last 10 years, Pearson’s has seen a significant rise in sales, dramatically increasing total annual production. “Since 1989, we have seen the demand for highly bespoke star screen grading equipment dramatically increase,” said Chris Pearson. “We have a network of loyal customers which return to us to purchase bigger systems to cope with the increasing demand for their recycling services. We also supply a significant number of bespoke systems each year to other customers in the industry.

“Star screening is an agitative grading process, that uses hard rubber cogs – organised in a spiral arrangement and turning in a clockwise direction – to break up matted material. As the waste material passes along the screen, it is torn apart, resulting in the small items falling through the gaps between the stars and the large items traveling to the end of the screen. The large material is then passed again over the screen, to re-grade.

“Pearson Star Screens are unique, as they can be simply adjusted with the touch of a button, to make the spaces between the stars bigger or smaller, to enable grading of any size of material.

“We first worked with Tong Engineering when we asked them to manufacture our trademark adjustable star screens. From there, the relationship flourished and we worked together to produce fixed grading screens. We continue to work together, as we are confident Tong Engineering have the expertise, experience and ability to produce both fixed and adjustable screens at a highly cost effective price.

“Our star screens are a highly specialist design, so we needed to use a manufacturer which we were confident would be able to meet demand. Tong Engineering has exceeded all of our expectations and continue to allow us to fully meet customer requirements on time and in budget.”

Edward Tong, operations director at Tong Engineering said: “We were approached by Chris Pearson following unexpected demand exceeding their production capacity. The company was so impressed with the skills, professionalism and dedications of our engineers that they asked us to take on full production on a full-time basis.

“We now provide the company with a complete manufacturing solution, helping to produce their bespoke machinery at a cost effective price and ensure a fast turnaround time for their customers, while still maintaining our high standard of production.”

Darren Willey from Brumsfield Farm, North Humberside, has recently taken delivery of a 6m fixed star screen and connecting belt from Pearson’s to grade compost for horticultural and agricultural purposes.

“I needed a screen grading product that could grade multiple sizes, would require minimal maintenance and that could cope with both wet and dry product,” said Mr Willey.

“Although there are many companies that supply a star screens installation, I wanted to buy from a long-standing company that I could trust. The whole purchase process was quick and easy and the after sales service was fantastic!”